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Hey buddies! Have you ever wondered how it rains? Where the water vapour disappears? Don’t worry, Monkey Manu is here with all the answers.

The Water Cycle rap will teach you everything you need to know about the Water Cycle, including Evaporation, Condensation, Collection and Precipitation.

Learn about the water cycle in this fun song and animation.

And don’t forget to sing/rap along with the on the screen!


Summary of the water cycle rap:
Evaporation is when water rises up
Due to the heat in its holding cup

Next in our line-up is condensation
It’s the cause for the clouds formation

Then follows precipitation
A byproduct of the cloud’s creation
Rain, snow, sleet and hail are it’s donation
To all of earth’s population

Water collects in certain locations
No particular triangulation

But soon after follows evaporation
And the cycle keeps going on, no exaggeration.


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