Learn to Rap

Today’s video describes a bit of the “good stuff” you have to look forward to when you learn How To Rap. When you’re just starting off or in the “intermediate purgatory” of getting the next level with bars, it’s easy to get frustrated when you learn how to rap. We wanted to make this video as a bit of excitement for your future GRAMMY STAGE SPEECHES! P.S., watch to the end there’s a special feature The Big Homey Drew

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Part 1 – The Three Best Feelings When You Learn How To Rap

The first time you reach 100 4th, 2014 I remember this moment like it happened yesterday I was at a BBQ that was how you say? “LIT” and the feeling I got from reaching 100 subs had me feeling even more turnt than any substance created by humankind could ever get me. I love my fans! Thank you for tuning in.

Celebrate every victory, but remember there’s nothing like the first time 😉

The First Time Your Bars Make The Crowd Hit You With The Gas Face DAAAMN!

When this happens (and it WILL) don’t acknowledge it too close! It will throw you off your game, so pretend you hear that reaction all the time and keep setting them on fire with your lava bars son.

The First Time You Win Somebody Over

It should be the fuel to your fire when someone doubts you. Be persistent and determined EVERYDAY these people are EVERYWHERE.

Haters, Nay sayers, Doubters, they clearly don’t believe you can reach your goals, but then WHEN YOU DO…*sips tea* ahh it is very satifisfying indeed my friends.

Keep flowin’ and Keep Growin’ Melon Farmers!



Drew’s Intense Gaze at the camera.