Rap Practice

Its about time somebody made a rap about huh
Yeah we swimmin
Yeah we swimmin
Yeah we swimmin
Ready? Take your marks…LETS GO!

Verse 1
Ok now take a seat in front cause youre invited to the show
Its the S-P to the Double E and to that D-O
You put it on fast and then you gotta let it go
With Speedo on your body you are out of control
Steppin out the pool in your brand new Speedo
Everybody loves you cause youre looking really neato
Dancin on that podium, causing pandemonium
Fire spitting at you like a barrel of petroleum
All the ladies love it when youre first and not last
Like Nathan Adrian, you always finish real fast
They think they know you, well you are not the same
Because youre rising to the top like you was polyurethane
I know enough about the sport to start my own library
So call me Rowdy Gaines, cause imma give some you need that crew runnin, yeah…Speedos got your back
This suit will save the day like its Jason Lezak!

So you think this verse is done? Well you havent heard me
Imma keep on rapping fast like imma swim a 50 I always wear a Speedo and I know that youll see
That I touch the wall first, that I guarantee

Verse 2
I got tan lines and fast times and lane lines
No fat thighs or bad rhymes or halftimes or bad girls, they all dimes
I promise no lies, flags in the sky
Swimming every stroke man…even butterfly
Aquablade, fastskin, LZR Racer
Drawers filled with those suits like you was a banker
Circle swim in practice, next set on the top
Back and forth in my Speedo, never gonna stop
What gogs you wearin bro? (Im wearing swedes)
When I wear those my nose bridge bleeds!
Every swimmer you see has got an eight pack
Hold our breath for so long you can call us humpback
Circle swim flip turn Ill pull on the lane lines
Im so sorry coach I still do it every time
And one of these days, I will stand
On the podium, first place, for the mainland

Flowing through the water like the naval fleet
And then Im racing to the top in my LZR Elite
They only take the top 2, so whatcha gonna do?
Pullin and im breathing and Im coming right through

Verse 3
Ay yo mind your manners, figure it out like Summer Sanders
Yeah this is that trial, I keep on going like a mile
Its all compiled, staring at that black tile
Cause I got 1500 reasons that this suit will make you smile
Swim in Speedo, feelin neato, drop that pace from 1 to 4
Grab that pic, looking sick, suit will make you want some more
I know, the speed is unpredictable
With Speedo on my body I be swimming unconventional
We love swimming, check the veins its how we livin
We the most driven, and the talents they arent hidden
Its the time that were savin, body shavin, its what we do
The fans are wavin, the bodys cavin, you get the top 2.

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