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Now available as “Roddy Jones and the Bones He Owns” an by Thomas Beetle, available at Amazon.

Book available at Amazon: Jones and the Bones He Owns” is an illustrated educational story, written in rhyme. Young Roddy Jones meets a skeleton who names all of the major bones in the body. Each presents a bone, or group of bones, with a fun rhyme to accompany it.

The book includes Bony Tony’s Bone Facts, where you’ll learn about bones and the purpose they serve. Whether your child grows up to be a an artist or an athlete, they’ll need to learn the names of the bones. Why not give your child a head start?

The book is illustrated and formatted to provide a great reading experience on most electronic devices, even smaller screen smart phones.

“I strongly believe that children love learning if the material is presented well. I dont feel theres any need to dumb down a subject for a child if you present the information in an engaging manner. As such my book is aimed at children from as young as four years up to eight or nine. Although my three year old son also enjoys the book too. The book familiarises kids with the names of the bones and gives them a first glimpse into the fascinating subject of human anatomy, without feeling like a dry text book.” – Thomas Beetle (2015).