Rap Practice

Secondly, the buff-boi playing the piano is Michael Hannafin, and the beast on the set is Eli Scanlan. Both of which the person playing the instrument came up with what they played musically/rhythmically. I’m spitting of the top
Here we go. Waiting till the shot
And I’m on the clock, and uh, till I sue
Here. Dude
I kinda suck at rapping and that is true
And now I’m spitting bars, standing on the carpet
(**Scoop**) Just scooped Michael’s armpit
That was kinda random, but we just chilling here
Where? We just chilling right here
And here is where we represent, where we gotta go
Spitting what? Spitting my dope flow
And I’m gonna end now ’cause that was not very good
Chilling- What? –in a white neighborhood
Gotta keep going and going
‘Cause I gotta keep what? Gotta keep my flow flowing
And it sounds so dope, and y’all can’t hear me
It’s so crazy. I’m not speaking very clearly
‘Cause there’s a bass drum, and a snare
And a hi-hat. Hey look over there
It sounds so tight. It sounds so sweet
Just chilling to the piano, and to the beat