Rap Practice

We’ve seen this game imitate Space Channel 5 with “Tambourine,” and now here is Rhythm Heaven Fever’s take on Parappa the Rapper. The guy you control even sounds like him! The gameplay is nothing like Parappa though. You’re just copying what someone else is rapping.

In “Love Rap,” MC Adore (the girl in the middle) will say something. The practice was really vague about this, which is why I had to use the “View demo” to understand that I WASN’T supposed to do it after the rapper on the left finishes. (Yeah, I should’ve figured “Follow me” means “Follow me. “)

There are four things she’ll say. “Crazy into you!” lasts two beats. It seems to be fifteen-sixteenths of a beat. “All about you!” lasts a little more than a beat, and it feels like seventeen-sixteenths of a beat. You don’t even need to have played this game to know how it can get on people’s nerves.

Skip to 3:15 if you want to get to the actual stage–I spent quite a while on the practice since I couldn’t get used to the timing. I’m used to it now, of course, considering I got Superb when I was recording (and a Perfect by now), though I had to do it quite a few times.

At the end of this stage, you can see that the rap is televised, with the two weasels from “Double Date” watching. There’s a Quicknibble from “Catch of the Day” in the fishbowl, the canine barista on the bottom-right from the game’s main menu, and someone from Rhythm Heaven GBA’s “RAPMEN” on the picture frame on the right.

Following this will be Stage 30. You guessed it–it’s “Remix 6. ” This one has a carnival theme.