Rap Battles

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Anna bonus song: Princess Rap Battle apparel & artwork from this video: Karaoke: & Flynn (Eliza Dushku & Tom Lenk) return to Arendelle to take on Anna & Kristoff (Whitney Avalon & James Maslow) in a no-holds-barred rap battle. Things are about to get **
Writer, Producer, Director, Anna: Whitney Avalon Producer, Director, Steve Gossett

Rapunzel: Eliza Dushku James Maslow Tom Lenk Jim OHeir

Filmed at Thunder Studios! Producer: Rodric David
Associate Producer: Dave Finger

Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Osterwisch
Cinematographer: Peyton Skelton
1st AC: Stephen Branagan
2nd AC: Cheffy Thomas
Make-up, Hair: Amanda Walter, Amy Wiener
Costume Designer: Tiana Brinton
Production Designer: Paul Bianchi
VFX Supervisor: Aaron Moles
1st AD: T.C. De Witt
Original Girl On Swing Artwork: Mandie Manzano BTS: James Gilstrap
Staff Writers: Michael Sullivan, Elizabeth Osterwisch, Mark Jonathan Davis
Key Grip: Matthew Phroper
Gaffer: John Kviklys
Swing: Billy Brenner
Grip: Jim Burzelic
Construction Lead: Jo Crandall
Scenic Painting Asst.: Melissa Goodway
Craft Service: Candace Ostler
Playback: Michael Sullivan
Beat: Dirty Hollywood
Recording, Master: Will Hampton
AE: Kate West
Boom Op: T.C. De Witt, Jim Burzelic
Technical Advisor: Margaret Helmer
Assistant to Producers: Diane Musselman
Character Consultant: Jenna Bryson Jim Burzelic, Monica Polk, Michael J Epstein, Sophia Cacciola
Art Department PA: Veronica Wylie
Large-Scale Printing: Color Images
Special Lawrence Antoine, Jared Clark

** **
My hairs so soft
But I ball so hard
That my bed head brings
All the boys to the yard
I was the caged bird singing
Busting back on the scene
This little lost princess
Is the long-locked queen of
Rap Un Zel
Right in my name
Coming back for my crown
With my magical mane
Im a chef, guitarist, painter, potter
Scholar, singer, dancer
Knock me but like Elsas door
You havent got an answer
Your snowflakes not unique
And youre past your peak
Even the silver in your hair
Is a losing streak
I cant believe how dumb you are
Hans took you for a sucker
Ill say it twice, you stink on ice
Did I mumble motherfucker?
Im not ANN-a, Im AH-na
I go ham when I wanna
You cant handle the drama
Slam a damn prima donna
A once upon a timer
I know better than momma
Frozen fever so hot
I hafta chill in a sauna
Blondies only got three books
And a mother that betrays her and
It doesnt even phase her
That she raised her with no razor
Sunflower in a tower
Tricked by her kidnapper
Me? I woulda capped her
And frickin witch slapped her
Youre not the brightest lantern
And your mug is just fugly
The word on the street is that
Your duckling ain’t snuggly
Agoraphobic bore
And I dont know whats sadder
That youve never worn shoes
Or that youre just a rope ladder

We’re over the character limit for a YouTube description, so see the rest of the as the subtitles in the video itself!

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