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Rap to learn Enlgish: Cause of the American Revolution
Listen Playlist: the American Constitution
Came the American Revolution
It was a result of disputes
Over taxes territories and lots of loot
Between Great Britain and the colonists
Ready heres the list

At first colonists joined British Soldiers
In a war which was fought over
Territories France and Britain had their eye on
Native Americans were on the Frenchs side and
Colonists said with Britain we will ride on
And if you win then we can reside in
The territory Ohio River Valley
Britain said yes if you are our ally

But when Britain won they changed you see
Proclamation 1763
Forbid colonists to that area
That was just the beginning it just got scarier

Cause the war cost Britain lots of money
Sometimes money makes people funny
So they decided to tax colonists
On a bunch of things here is the list

1764 was the time
They taxed coffee sugar and wine
Colonists against this made a pact
To boycott sugar The Sugar Act

Sons of Liberty made a proclamation
No taxation without representation
Britain was mad so they made it hard
And taxed newspapers and playing cards
Then they said our soldiers you must feed
The colonists were angered by Britains greed
Another boycott more resistance
By colonists who were persistent

Committees of Correspondence were formed
To keep the colonists informed
The Townshend Act more tax on tea
But the colonists wanted to be more boycotts Britain could not collect
So they sent soldiers to demand respect

Then in Boston a Massacre
Colonists were killed tempers did stir

Britain then sent tea to Boston
But colonists dressed as Indians
Snuck on the ship dumped tea in the river
The Boston Tea Party made Britain quiver
Britain was angry to the max
So they made the Intolerable Acts
They banned meetings and closed the port
But colonies gave their support
Rallied as one sending food to Boston
More tea parties occurred more often

And in 1774
The colonies all met and said no more
In Philadelphia to protest
The First Continental Congress
Pledging boycotts a declaration
Colonists had rights in this new nation

But colonists knew to demand their rights
Theyd have to put up a real good fight
The stockpiled guns and ammunition
Organized militia for a revolution
1775 was the time
When British soldiers who stood in a line
Were arresting men then in Lexington
They got attacked by Minute Men

Now Minute Men were ready in a minute
Rebel fighters in it to win it
A battle in Concord more in store
All lead to Revolutionary War

Now were all proud in the USA
But lets not forget those who paved the way 2013 Reiss Timoshenko.