Rap Battles

Inspired by the Epic Rap Battles of History series created by EpicLLOYD and haired sole survivor of a school shooting, Pico, shoots out against the blonde trap boy who’s GAY in a rap battle of vs violence, ketchup vs thank you to my patrons for helping me get closer to my dream:
Y.D. Geon

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SkeepTieel as Pico (Boku no as Pico (Pico’s PRODUCTION
Produced by SkeepTieel, Iamthelegion and Chao

Written by SkeepTieel

Subtitles by by SkeepTieel

Backgrounds by SkeepTieel

Art by JordanShowish and art aside from clips from Boku no Pico in this video belongs to JordanShowish and SkeepTieel

Beat produced by Marsad Men

Next time: MAN]

Boku no Pico and all respective characters belong to Natural High.
Pico’s School and all respective characters belong to Tom Fulp..