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Exclusive in-depth interview with Logic. In part 1 Logic talks to Nick Huff Barili about being influenced by Hip Hop Circa 96. He remembers buying The Roots “Do You Want More” as one of his first albums, though Chingy was his first it didn’t have an impact on him like The Roots. The movie Kill Bill lead Logic to RZA which lead him to Wu-Tang. Logic admits that even though he has listen to Wu-Tang Forever over a thousand times he still finds double entendres with new meanings hidden in there. At 20 years old Logic put out his first mixtape. Following a break up, he realized that Music is what he wanted to dedicate all his time to and do professionally. Logic goes on to recall his first rap verse and says that his friends used to call him Skittles cause M&M (Eminem) was already taken. As the interview continues Nick asks Logic if he could spit his verse from Dead Presidents 3, Logic does so and shares some of the stories from his childhood that inspired that verse including his Mother getting stabbed and growing up without his Dad because he was abusing drugs. Although Logic admits its hard to talk about his parent abusing narcotics, being on welfare and brothers selling drugs, he talks about it because he hopes it can help other people. Logic goes on to say that some of the things that he talks about in his music he doesn’t even have conversations with his friends about. Being on the road has shown him the power of his as fans have come up to him saying that his songs have literally saved their lives and helped convince them not to kill themselves.

We are just getting started with our conversation with Logic. Stay tuned Friday for part 2 of our conversation with Logic.

From Hip Hop DX:
Logic speaks on the ability to help people with songs like “Dead Presidents III,” says he enjoyed making the song.

Maryland rapper Logic doesn’t hesitate in speaking on his past struggles on “Dead Presidents III,” the Young Sinatra: Undeniable record which goes on to address a number of trials and tribulations in the emcee’s life.

On the revealing record, Logic touches on his mother’s stabbing as he raps, “Shortly after my momma got stabbed by around in the streets/But she still breathin which gives me a reason to believe in a higher power.”

While speaking with Hard Knock TV, Logic spoke on his ability to craft such a record. The rapper also briefly on the incident involving his mother and addressed crime in his Maryland hometown.

“I never really said this. I never really told this to anyone, but when I write records I have an image in my head,” Logic revealed. “It’s almost like a still image, but it is moving. It’s almost as if it were captured on a camera. It’s very slow motion…I remember where my mom got stabbed and all the things that happened. Cause she was just walking outside one night. Cause it’s fucked up where I’m from man. Where I’m from it’s a really great place, but just like anywhere in the world you could just go left and you’re randomly in like some fucked up area. You know what I mean? So, that’s what it’s like where I’m from. And I just remember that. And it was really crazy.”

Logic also on his father’s drug problem in the song’s final verse as he raps about being “surrounded by narcotics” and states that his “daddy was smoking crack.” Despite the heavy nature of “Dead Presidents III,” Logic revealed that he enjoyed creating the song and hopes such a record can go on to help others.

“It’s crazy, but I really enjoy it. You know, enjoy even talking about it cause it’s really hard to talk about witnessing your parents on narcotics and doing all this fucked up shit,” said the rapper and member of XXL’s 2013 Freshman Class. “Or your brother’s running around in the streets, doing shit they shouldn’t be doing and selling things they shouldn’t be selling. But I talk about it because I feel like it could help other people…Luckily being on the road and shit like that, people be like ‘Yo, you saved my life.'”

Logic, a new Def Jam Records signee, is currently working on preparing his debut album..