Learn to Rap

Thought it would be more fun to learn the muscles of the Plantar feet if I put it to a rap. . . and it helped me to memorize it better. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Hope this helps:

Yo yo sit down take a seat, Ill teach you something neat, the muscles layers of your plantar feet,
Lets flip it, Up. side. down!

First layer one, flex brevi son, abs got a ton,
least enough for the minimi and the hallucis, now its time to move on to the deuces. The action this thing will bring is tighten the wing and slacken the sling of the extensor hood. PFfff! Thats GOOD!

One plus two, Layer three, so you see, thats how you ADD. Dont be mad, its not so bad. PS new dad. And my son, hes the one who likes Mickey and Minnie, and theres Flexor mini, as well as a flexor on the big toe, and whoa!. . . that adductor tho,
O and T muscle belly, feet can be smelly, worse than a Jelly Deli, and Kelly and Shelly owned it!

Layer 4 has the center bossy guy, dorsal and plantar interossei.
3 Pads and 4 Dabs, Now you can Dab cuz were done.