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Learning How to Learn Course by Dr. Barbara Oakley on Coursera: Thomas Mack & Amir Perkins


Center for Advanced Technologies :

Focus:HOPE in Detroit, Michigan : 1)
We learning how to learn and its real cool
Coursera gives you a lot of tools that you can use
Like two modes of thinking focused and diffused
She trying to mold your thinking to more efficient use

She gonna show you how to study and how to take a test
The importance of exercise and a proper nights rest
How to avoid procrastination and illusion of competence
By not focusing on the product but the process
You cant get it all at once – its about the progress

Its about putting your head down and making it happen
And mastering the material through deliberate practice
Then transferring the material helps you better to grasp it
And sleeping with the material helps develop synapse

Recall, recall, say recall, just test yourself, thats a recall
Pomodoro technique, then some meatballs
After 25 focused minutes, no breaks, no pause
The methods tough at first, but once you got em theyre yours
(Verse 2)
I’m bout to hit you with a verse
You’ll learn something at the worst
This memory thing, it works
Just listen, I’ll do it first…
First, first
First I take a mental breath, then I close my eyes
And think about the different ways of how I can get wise
I think of testing myself and mistakes are good
It lets me know that illusions ride around my hood
I do a hard start and I jump to easy
That’ll keep the test scores from doin me grease
I get my working memory to work
It goes from short to long term
And it don’t even hurt
I might snack or
Take a break and come back or
Think about the problem Im doing
If I should Ill even start pursuing another method
Its cool man Im not worried
My defuse mode will catch it
But if Im with it
Determined to really get it
I know that the sky is the only thing thats my limit

(Verse 3)
For you to be a better learner is what she want
Thats why she trying to show you how to form a chunk
Once you master the chunk then school is a dunk
It show you how to transfer your memory from the hood to the trunk

Its three important steps to forming a chunk
Where understanding the material comes number one
Number two be no fun but it has to happen
Its the all-important step of practice, practice
And last but not least we cant fail to mention
The third and final step of focused attention

Now these 3 steps can help you get paid
Cause you should get a better job if you getting better grades
And making more money should always make you happy
Kick less effective study habits like concept mapping
And never stop trying, you gotta go to the finish
Remember to highlight just one, not multiples sentences
And get a clear understanding cause mental fog is the worst
And dont always take the easy route, eat them frogs first
This just a small verse for learning how to learn
I done learned how to learn but still learning how to learn

Yo, you thought it was over
Naw, we aint done yet
We about to hit you with the growth
And fixed mindset
We about to show you how to grow
Your fixed mindset
You think youre born with knowledge
Man, you gotta find that
School be a challenge
Man, you gotta grind that
Waste time if you want
But you dont get that time back
Life mountains ahead
Man, you gotta climb that
You wanna be ahead of the class
You gotta earn it
You gotta keep your head in them books
You gotta learn it
Nobody born smarter
They just work harder
So keep pushing ahead
And keep a book in your hand
And you can reach your goal if you stick to the plan!
And you can reach your goal if you stick to the plan!.