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This is Mike Min, the of Method” system from with another quick tip on how to rap better.

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– Make others be in awe of you. After reading this course, you will have others be in SHOCK and AFRAID to battle you!

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– the girls. Hot girls always LOVE the best emcee and you will certainly get your share of girls because of this new skill. Just look at Jay Z. That dude is UGLY as HECK but he got Beyonce because of his rapping skills.

– Become an MC one day. This course is a MUST if you are SERIOUS about being a true top emcee one day in the future.

– Be the center of attention in parties. People will be in awe of you and respect you because of your new skills.

– Live your passion. Get to be the few people who actually live their passions fully.

– Be great even without having a studio. Show people that you can be MUCH BETTER at than others – even without a stuido.

– Make others FASCINATED about you & your skills. Other people will be fascinated with how you can spit your rhymes like a pro – even better than some hip hop emcees out there!

– The F-R-F-R formula that will make you rhyme like a pro. Discover the secret to making your flow like a true pro.

– 1 Single Tip to Dominate Your Opponent! Use this one single tip to make your opponent fear every time you step on the mic.

– How to make your words sound MORE powerful. Use this trick to make your flows sound like they flow EVERY single time!

– The 1 secret question to ask yourself that will sky-rocket your skills to the next level! Just ask yourself this question, get your answer, and you will have all the fuel to go out there and be better than many veteran emcees.

– The secret method to flow forever. Discover this one secret that will help you literally forever!

– Use the “Rhythm Trick” to sky-rocket your rhythm. Without using any of your brain, you can instantly improve your rhythm in your The “Triple Threat” Technique. Use this technique to come up with words whenever you get stuck or don’t know what to say next!

– “Eye Points” Technique. Know exactly which direction to look in order to trigger your brain to come up with MORE creative flows.

– “Mumbo Jumbo” Technique. Discover this secret technique that stars like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg use to flow like crazy!

– “Golden Rhyme”. When you can no longer with your memory, using your “golden rhyme” will be like getting your second wind.

– How to develop your emcee identity. Know exactly what identity will make you 10 times MORE powerful than copying other people’s styles.

– Never have to write 10,000 of again. Just write minimal amount & double your lyrical skills.

– How to discover 50+ rhyming words INSTANTLY! This little trick is something the many emcees would love to know about!

– How to get dope hip hop instrumentals. Know where to get UNLIMITED amount of hip hop instrumentals that you can OWN for a cheap ass price!

– One sure-fire tip that will make you better than 99% of other emcees. See how you can improve your skills by doing something that the majority of emcees don’t do.

– The secret success principle that will make you better at without even trying. Learn this secret principle that will GUARANTEE you to improve your skills without even trying!

– Practical Exercises to apply the theories into action. Instead of just giving you theories, I give you practical ways to apply my theories into action!

– Condensed no-fluff course. You don’t need to spend months and months reading this because it is to the point, no-fluff, and.