Learn to Rap

Learn How To Rap Fast : Part 3 Rapping : Beats this video , I discuss a topic that tends to be on the mind of many beginner rap artists. How do I learn how to rap fast. Here I show you 6 tips on how to learn how to rap fast. 2:05

Some of these rapping tips include practicing your words repetitively , making sure that your tongue doesn’t trip over your own rap

How To Rap To Cure Rap Writers lip drills and tongue twisters to help you warm up before you start rapping. Rapping a whole show is a long time. Some show can be up to 2 hours long , and if your body isn’t in the physical shape it needs to be in you won’t be able to perform.

Again I’m mentioning rap flow , as how critical people can be of your rap flow if it’s not perfect , especially when you’re trying to learn how to rap fast. Again I mention practicing covers of your favorite rap flows and rap songs. You like these songs so it won’t feel like a chore when you practice

Understanding syllables and wordplay , this again to me is vital for when you want to learn how to rap fast. The start of rapping slow. Make sure people can understand what you’re saying so you sound like a professional when you are rapping.

If the beat is too fast for you at first slow it down and practice it in increments of 5BPM. Some examples of fast rapping song include Eminem rap god and Eminem forever , his end verse , listen to these raps and practice them at a slower tempo. then see if you can rap at the original form.

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