Rap Practice

Writing. You are probably wondering how will this help if I’m writing rap songs? The more you write rap songs the more rhymes that are embedded in your head. For example, if you are going to use the word technical for the first time, it will be very difficult to think of a rhyme off the top of your head. On your spare time read the rhyming dictionary for 30 minutes everyday and continue to rhyme with these words on a daily basis. If you read this everyday and never stop then you will be amazed how many words you rhyme with.

2. You can always save yourself in the next line. . . ) like a tazmanian devil. I’m a master on the mic so you not my level. It’s more exciting when there are twists, loops and turns. Be observant. There are times when you will run out of stuff to say. This happens to a lot of rappers, so to keep their rhymes going they will pick out an object or a person and rhyme with it. To be great at this skill, try picking out an object in your kitchen, living room, basement, or bedroom and try to rhyme about it. You can take a walk in the park and try rhyming about anything that you see. For your information, don’t worry about trying to make sense with your rhymes.

4. Don’t be a hot dog. In other words, know when to pass the mic to someone else. It keeps your audience entertain and it’s more fun for everyone. It’s all about having fun with words and being creative