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Learn rap, how to write rap verses with Pat Parra Mixtape Marketing Podcast 15
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In this Mixtape Marketing Podcast Episode #15, I introduce you to Pat Parra from Pat teacher and lecturer of hip hop music. 1:49 Pat has been teaching music and how to rap to school kids, high school students and college students for many years.

When Pat was young he was interested in rock music. It wasn’t until his brother gave the grasp of hip hop music and the basics on how to rap. became addicted to rapping and took his learning how to rap like a pro.

Pat learned two golden rules when it comes to rap tips, don’t stop if you make a mistake, and don’t worry about rhyming, just learn to enunciate your words. lot of up and coming rappers, come into the rap game with so much on their shoulders.

And others come in without thinking that rap is a craft. rapping like any other skill, and it needs to be perfected just like singing.

Pat friends in college his new two golden rules of rap and he quickly notices that he had a talent for teaching others how to rap. That his advice had enabled his students to learn how to at a much faster pace than he had learned when he was young.

When it comes to writing rap Pat stays close to familiar topics that mean something to him and that will be familiar to his fans base.

These include issues with family, girl issues , money problems, 9 to 5 ect. These are common topics that enable him to create rap that will make his creative process much easier. 29:14

Topics are broken down and then expanded to create a full rap structure or 16 bar verse as it’s more commonly called.

Pat believes that rapping is the best place for beginners to start. rapping puts you in a more uncomfortable place, but forces you to practice more than a song you are confident rapping.

Once you get confident rapping, you develop other skill sets like wordplay, flow and speed of delivery. The most important thing you build when your rapping is confidence in your rapping abilities.

35:01 Pat also shares his insight with after releasing 5 independent albums and the processes that he used to promote them using online tools and video.

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