Learn to Rap

Learn English Pronunciation Rap video. Learn English Pronunciation Rap! for more great English videos! out the NEW us on for latest videos. on for latest pictures. me and connect with me: my VK for latest videos. to add me on in. it is your boy Charles Wood English Teacher. I am not your preacher. I am just your teacher. Yeah today we are going to talk about pronunciation. I tell you it is not coincidental because quite often I make videos that really, really coolios about pronunciation (British English pronunciation) that is my association. Yeah. So let me remind you

. I EE there are two sounds there. One has got to be long, one has got to be short. There is U OO. One long, one short. You have got no retort. You know what I am saying.

What else have me got? A and E. What is the difference? Yeah. Because E needs a smile. You know what I am talking about? Yeah! You know what I am saying. Yeah of course you do. I hope you do because what is the point in me anything if you don’t. Right but you won’t.

OK, what else have we got left. We have T and P with air. Don’t despair, it’s just with air. You got to let it out. You got to shout out. Let it out. Yeah T P.

We got anything else left? That is really cool. Yeah let us go old school. The biggest sounds that ever were. I am talking TH TH TH TH. Two sounds there. Did you hear them? Hope you did. TH TH. How do you make those sounds anyway? Just put your tongue on your teeth. TH TH TH TH Know what I am saying? Yeah. It’s OK. No delaying let’s go.

One last sound. Big sound. Many people have a problem with it. We are talking W and V. We like going to the village. We like going to the village. We really like going to the village. When we are going to the vet. Vet, you got no respect, you are going to the vet, we are going to the vet. Yeah! You get me. You get me. You know where I am coming from?

This has been an English pronunciation rap and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Yo. You know what I am spraying, saying, no delaying. I am just playing. This has been your boy, Charles Wood English Teacher, your Language Teacher Online or Tutor whatever. Boo. Ch. Ch. Ch. Ch..