Learn to Rap

BELOW! Music by Klae Beats. Get a book of my songs and a sample of my online English program here: Peace and respect, Fluency MC BIG UP to Madeleine Boxberger and all of the students at Lycee Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France for making this video with me.

When you get comparative and superlative adjectives to “Stick, Stuck, Stuck” in your head, you can easily make your own sentences when you speak and youre young (younger, youngest) or old (older, oldest).
If youre shy (shyer, shyest) or bold (bolder, boldest) follow Fluency MC. Stick with me and youll see we keep it hot (hotter, hottest) never cold (colder, coldest). Make it loud (louder, loudest).
Im proud (prouder, proudest) of my family around the world;
I could never be without this. Across the globe were spreading
wide (wider, widest). Dont you know? We learn through having fun.
You ought to try this! Soon (sooner, soonest) youll learn
quick (quicker, quickest). If studying English makes you sick (sicker, sickest), sing along to this song to be strong (stronger, strongest).
Relax and repeat. It wont take long (longer, longest).

Narrowminded people make us feel small (smaller, smallest).
When theyre mean (meaner, meanest), stand tall (taller, tallest).
More than good, youre (better, best); dont rest; stay on the ball.
Never settle for less and youll be great (greater, greatest).
Keep it real (realer, realest), not fake (faker, fakest).
Dont be late (later, latest); get your rhymes on time.
Then fast (faster, fastest) to the top youll climb. Dont feel
sad (sadder, saddest) or bad (worse, worst) if you dont succeed.
You cant always be first. Try hard (harder, hardest); youll go
far (farther, farthest) though at times, of course, your mood will get
dark (darker, darkest). Nurture your heart so it grows large (larger, largest). To be smart (smarter, smartest) will accelerate your pace but being kind (kinder, kindest) makes the world a better place.

Some of you say this style is weird (weirder, weirdest) but just
studying these words wont get you near (nearer, nearest) to your
goal of your English sounding clear (clearer, clearest); but youll get
close (closer, closest) each and every time you hear this.
Its stressful when our brains are full (fuller, fullest). Thats
rough (rougher, roughest); learning is tough (tougher, toughest).
The bright (brighter, brightest) keep it light (lighter, lightest). Sit back and relax but hold on tight (tighter, tightest). Enjoy and youll learn more.This is true (truer, truest). And you knew this because this is nothing new (newer, newest), but its fresh (fresher, freshest). Come let me guide you through it. With Fluency MC the 3Rs will make you fluent..