Learn to Rap

How to write good rap Post
Buy Beats : this video, I share a slide share where I break down how to write good rap There are six easy to learn steps on how you should structure your own rap verses.

How To Rap Playlist To Rap Better video tutorial is for up and coming rap artist that want to learn how to write a rap song or how to put together rap over a hip hop beat.

Each bullet point is laid out clearly in the slides in the video , but make sure to listen to that example of the rappers and the rap that I mention in the video to give you a better understanding of what I mean.

Hip hop rap is like a version of poetry today. Rap are supposed to be about you and you live and how you life experiences can make you relate to the audience.

Also, it’s important to note that , when it comes to writing rap the rappers verses are the vocal point of the song. So storytelling is essential in creating a good rap song.

What the video above where I go into detail on how to write a rap song and how to write good rap To Write A Rap Verse Part 1 to find your rap voice : watch: “Become A Patreon For The Corporatethief Beats – Music Marketing Channel”.