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If you want to learn how to write a rap song, then read this.

Many rappers want to know how to write rap but they don’t know how to do it in the right way.

My name is Mike Min and I am the of the Method” course which teaches you how to write rap songs in the right structured, creative, and original way.

After years of meeting many underground emcees, song writers, and even graduate students majoring in music theory, I discovered a simple method on how to write rap songs the right way.

I compiled all the song writing tips into one simple, step-by-step system and it is called the Method” course.

Check out the Method” course and you will learn:

– Learn how to get the proper flow going.

– How to come up with a good hook for the song.

– Learn what and how to use a rhyme scheme.

– How to create songs so they don’t sound all the same.

– How to rhyme your words.

– Learn how to quickly start your song writing instead of waiting for hours on what to write about.

– How to never ever have “writer’s block” and write a song whenever you want.

– How to expand your vocabulary that rhyme to make great rap songs.

– How to be unlock creativity to bring more songs without spending hours to depend on inspiration or luck.

– How to come up with a verse when you are stuck on something and don’t know what to say next.

– How to make your rhymes make sense so that your sound great.

– How to communicate your feelings and emotions in the way you want it so it sounds great and you
communicate exactly what you want to to the world.

– A secret lyric writing technique that can help your delivery have 10 times more the power than other rappers.

– How to never stall in your writing and have new things to write about every single day.

– Learn how to write rap in a structured way.

Grab your copy Learn how to write rap songs in a creative way so people will want to listen to your rapping over and over again.

– Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing other people be in awe of your new songs.

– Greatly sky rocket your chances of being desired by top hip hop names in the industry.

– Create a great name for yourself as someone who has a unique and talented song writing.

– Have a chance to be a ghostwriter for many rappers who are constantly looking for great song writers.

– Create rap songs that are so great that you will be the talk of the town in your school, work, and elsewhere.

– your friends, family, and even enemies with your great rap songs.

– Attract girls with your amazing rap skills and watch them be in awe of your amazing talents.

– Be able to get that one girl that you like by showing off your unique skill of writing rap songs.

– You can even use this method to create a rap song that is about her and she can easily be and attracted to you after hearing that rap song.

– Show people that you can create rap songs without the need of expensive studio, equipment, or any type of musical industry connections.

– Show off to the world that you can be the best by yourself alone.

– Realistically improve your chance of living your dreams of working as a professional musician.

– After using this method over and over again, you can greatly improve your chances of being heard worldwide with your music.

– Expand your overall rapping skills.

– Improve your rapping skills as well because you will be expanding your overall rapping vocabulary.

– Have a realistic chance at becoming a professional MC.

– Get invited to more parties because of your new and improved rapping skills.

– Get more connections and thus have a greater chance of being friends with better emcees, producers, and hip hop artists so that you can even work with them in the future.

– Make girls be fascinated by you because of your rap songs sounding so much better than 99% of all your friends.

– Stand out from the crowd for being so much better than all your friends at rapping.

– Never be made fun of again by your friends and peers about your rapping skills.

– Always get respect and even fear from other emcees because of your rap songs.

– Have your rap songs to have that sting and power when you rap.

– Learn how to create hooks that are so catchy that all the crowd would be rapping along with you with your own songs.

– And so much more…

Grab your copy your.