Learn to Rap

Learn the seven mistakes almost all rappers do before they make it in the industry (and how to avoid them): episode gives a step-by-step breakdown of the KEY songwriting techniques of one of this generation’s legends, J. Cole, using his engaging single “G.O.M.D.”

Far from being a simple blow-by-blow explanation of the track’s merits, this video will be an in-depth tutorial full of practical tips and insights advice about how to write a rap song like Cole himself.

This is a flashback Friday episode to an early video we did a few years back, but this is super updated and much more thorough. While both videos are useful for learning how to rap as a beginner or more advanced rapper, the tips here are particularly modern and well-organized.

An episode of how to rap that will be of benefit to both beginners and advanced artists alike, we hope that this teaching is of service to every artist who comes across it. for viewing and be sure to join our for more insights! to the original J. Cole song “G.O.M.D.”: To How To Rap: with us: