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How To Rap: Learn To & Battle, FAST

Alright, I got a pretty heavily loaded question asking about how to get good at both and rap battling. So in this video Im going to do my best to cover the types of things you should be practicing to get better at both of these skills without going too heavily into the details. – Getting good at is a matter of thinking quickly on your feet. Lets go through a few things to work on. First is obvious, you have to practice. You have to actually do the action to improve. The more you practice, the more your brain will get used to thinking quickly. Most people get this, its pretty straightforward.

The second stage to getting better is to be more prepared. Being prepared to is easier than it sounds. Start by building yourself a large rhyme vocabulary. The easiest way to do this is write lots of verses with a consistent scheme. The more rhymes you know and practice, the faster theyll come to you.

The next stage is to come up with association strategies to help you keep going. For example, you can try to use to keep going. So if you end a line by saying acting like a king youd think of the for the next line, the of a king would be a peasant so you might say but youre actually a peasant. Lining up several of these strategies can keep you for a long time. Heres a few you can use:

Keep the same theme as the end line
Do the of the end line
Look around you at objects and call those out
Try to make a story as you go

These strategies help you by providing consistent topics to rap about. Master them, and youll get better at

Rap Battles – Lets switch over to how to become good at rap battling. Theres one solution to this. Punchlines. Learn how to craft powerful hard hitting punchlines, either through comedy, insults, cleverness, or a mix of all three. Thats the #1 key to winning battles. You have to learn how to hit hard and attack your opponent in some way. Practice, take on battles, even small skirmishes with friends or online.

The fastest way to develop this skill is to watch battles. There are tons of great battles online. Start watching them to figure out how the greats set up punchlines. Whats working for them? What doesnt? Which of your natural strengths can you use to craft hard hitting punchlines? How can you build suspsense to make a strong impact?

Your delivery will also be especially important. To be effective, youll need to develop a style with confidence. That doesnt necessarily mean complete aggression, but you need to come across strongly enough to dominate your opponents. Once youve got punchlines and delivery down you can work on the rest of the technical skills.

I know thats not massively in depth, but these are huge, huge topics. Start breaking out all the things Ive covered and youll slowly develop all the skills you need to master the arts youve mentioned. Watch the other videos Ive put together. Dig deep and practice often, I can give you a few pointers but you have to dig in and put in all the work.

Thats all for this video, feel to ask questions in the box below. You can also check out which is a community dedicated to creating better rappers.

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