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Pick up my comprehensive how to rap course and learn step by step how to rap better (at a discount): can pick up my course on writing your first verse here: more check out my got a question about how to write on beat. So for some people they dont have a problem writing but when they try to get them on beat, its almost impossible or it just doesnt come with that same pop. This is something I struggled with for a long time, so lets get into it.

For most people getting into rap, they dont start by writing raps with an instrumental playing. Instead, they just start writing.I think thats a totally reasonable place to start so youre not overwhelmed with every aspect at once. The problem with this, however, is that once you transition into making actual music, it can get a lot more difficult because there are other factors you havent had to contend with before. Instead of being able to write anything you want, you have to conform to what the beat is doing, otherwise it wont sound very good.

So, to practice getting better on beat, were going to start from scratch and try something different than youre used to. I know a lot of you are probably sick of hearing this, but you absolutely have to learn how to count bars. If you want to get on beat, its inescapable. You have to know where the counts are otherwise developing a rhythm is going to be a nightmare for you. First, learn to count bars.

Once youve done that, I want you to try scatting over the beat. Basically this just means making a beat with your mouth that accompanies the instrumental. It might sound something like this *insert scatting*. Keep doing this until you can keep a consistent rhythm over the beat.

Once youve got your scat pattern, replace each of your scat sounds with a single syllable. You might end up with something like this *insert with the same cadence*.

Once youve got the cadence and are able to substitute a few words in, count the syllables youre using in each bar. Then, just write lines using words with an equal number of syllables. So for example if your practice line is I go fast, out to the car, slow smash cats, out in the bar is 14 syllables and each word is one syllable. If we write a 14 syllable line with 1 syllable words we should be able to substitute it in exactly the same on the instrumental like this Blow past foes, fast as a flash, low cash rolls, lack of a stash

Using this method, you can slowly ease yourself into writing lines which flow on beat a little better. If this specific method doesnt work for you, Id definitely look up some of my other videos on transitioning and writing in audio, as I was trying to find a unique method to present to you guys today.

Now theres a slight chance he means that he struggles to write when the beat is on, not transitioning. If thats the case, just write with the instrumental off and polish your bars up to fit the instrumental later. Theres no specific way you have to write. Im going to guess youre struggling with the first problem I mentioned though.

Hopefully that helps, best of luck!

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