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How To Rap Fast

0:52 When you are first attempting to learn how to rap fast it can seem very difficult and somewhat mysterious. But the truth is that it isn’t once you understand the fundamentals of what rapping fast actual is. In this video I will break everything down and keep it straight to the point. Let’s Get It!!!

1:00 Now the real trick to learning how to rap fast is having a clear understanding of how we pronounce words along with the syllables which make them up. Most languages consist of two types of sounds which are vowels and consonants.

2:08 There are two main types of syllables and words which are stressed and unstressed. Stressed means that you put more emphasis on those syllables or words by sustaining it longer and saying it louder.

2:22 Some words are spelled exactly the same but have different meanings depending on how you stress their syllables. For example if you stressed the first syllable in the word present like PREsent then it means “a gift” but if you stress the second syllable like preSENT then it means “to show or demonstrate”. If you are unsure of which syllables in a word is stressed you can reference to a dictionary and typically the syllable that is bold is the one that is stressed for example Steady Most words that have only one syllable are usually none stressed syllables. However the word can be stressed depending on the way you wish to use it. Also there are some words that have multiple syllables which aren’t stressed such as careful l]

3:19 Here is an example of how one sentence can have two different meanings based on if words are stressed or not. “Chris went to the studio yesterday.” This sentence is stating an absolute fact. “Chris went to the studio yesterday?” This sentence is asking a question because of the way “yesterday” is stressed.

3:45 The main trick to rapping fast is creating a healthy balance of consonants and vowels along with stressed and unstressed words and syllables. Your consonants and vowels is your sound and your stressed and unstressed words and syllables determine your speed and volume level.

5:37 Here is a diagram of a healthy selection of syllables that most people could say fairly fast. The large red words and letters represent stresses and at the end of each line is a syllable count. Notice how the stresses are spread out and usually have at least two unstressed words or syllables between them with only a few exceptions. Also study the variety of vowels and consonants used which don’t overload the mouth by putting the same sounds to close together.

6:55 Now let’s rap these over a beat in FL Studio

7:10 Here is a a visual example of how our mouths are like drum kits and why it’s important to not over work any section of our mouths

9:06 Let’s dissect the cadence of each bar and draw it out on the grid so you can have a visual to go with To My Channel and Get More Great me A To Rap Fast.