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How To Rap: Cadence Explained – Get a copy of my “The #1 Fundamental To Rapping”

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How To Rap: Cadence Explained

0:38 The Definition of Cadence
It’s important that you learn how to establish rhythm and stay on beat before moving own to cadence. Establishing rhythm is the foundation that you are going to be building your cadence off of.

1:34 Help from Bruce Lee on cadence
One thing that will allow you to always stand out from the rest of your fellow rappers is your ability to adapt to any beat in a unique way. This means that you are shapeless and formless like water.

2:53 Cadence is all about the rhythm of your words. Think of your mouth as drum set. When you’re rapping you are actually mimicking rhythms of drums.

3:15 And you can come up with your cadences before you even have it’s important when you are picking out the beat to write to that you take a few things into consideration. What beat is really speaking to you? Which instrumental moves you in an emotional way? And are you able to come up with cadences to that beat that you feel fits you as an artist?

6:18 A live demonstration on how I practice coming up with cadences to beats. In this demonstration I use a instrumental called “lovin ya baby” which is produced by Beats Planet and is available at I don’t only come up with cadences before I write. Once I begin to write I still often mumble gibberish and keep coming up with new cadences or revisit ones previously To My Channel and Get More Great me A To Rap: Cadence Explained.