Learn to Rap

You will learn how to rap battle with these 3 tips.
Learn exactly how to rap here: out my recommended mixtape tools for recording your songs and here: you want to know how to win a rap battle then this video is for you. I share my experiences with battle rapping…

And what I’ve learned from my failures and successes with rap battling.

You will also learn simple ways to know how to make a rap battle work out in your favor by focusing on the most important part of the punchline.

So if you want to learn how to battle rap be sure to watch the full video…

It is long but I did my best to put a lot of great rap tips in there that will help you.

Get my full rap course that teaches you how to rap and with the at the top of the description.

It is guaranteed to take you from complete beginner to making your own songs and your own for watching my video and please for more tips..