Rap Practice

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If youre just starting out, I highly recommend listening closely to the rappers you admire. Pay attention to the way they use rhymes. Notice if theyre using simple or complex rhymes. See what you like and dislike. Afterward, look up some of the best multi-syllable rappers and listen to their music. This will help you understand what the top level talent of rhymer can put together. That will give you insight into how you can use rhyme.

In conjunction with listening, take some time to learn about different kinds of rhyme. I wont cover them in depth here, but there are other videos about slant rhymes and multis that will be of huge benefit to you. These two skills will open up an entire world of rhyme ability which you can build onto, creating extremely complex sequences. Study types of rhyme until you understand them well.

Once youve done that, its time to practice. Pick a word or phrase and write down every rhyme you can think of, then look up a ton of rhyming words then write a verse to go along with it. So for example you might pick lips, then youd think of rhyming words – flips, tips, sips, trips, etc. Then youd use as many of those words as possible to create a verse. Thats a very simple example, but as you get more complex with rhyme youd pick harder phrases and work on your multis and slant rhyming.

You can also with someone feeding you words or use a random word generator where you try to stick with a rhyme as long as possible. To ensure you get the most rhymes, feel to do it acappella and dont worry too much about about holding your rhythm. The goal is to come up with rhyme words so that in the future, youre more likely to learn rhyme. So slow down, take some time, and get through as many rhymes as possible.

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