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How to Flow Better in Rap?

So you know what flow is, but how do you develop your own flow? How can you make your flow stand out and sound better? How do you start flowing?

If you havent done anything before, just focus on getting your rhymes on the fourth count of each bar at a rate that is comfortable for you. If you dont know what that means, youll want to learn how to count bars. Here are to a couple videos on how to count bars so you know where the fourth count goes.

If youre able to do that, theres some other things you can play with to influence your flow, improve your skill, and find pockets.

The fastest way I know to develop your flow is to A lot. This releases you from your writing and forces you to map onto the beat a little more strongly. You dont even have to use real words to Its all about developing cadences and rhythms that fit within the pocket of the beat. You can find words to fit into those cadences later. Dont take this as dont write to a beat, you should definitely do that, but is what Ive found to develop this skill the fastest, as being able to feel out a potential flow makes it easier to write into that flow.

First lets talk about speed. Speed is the most obvious thing you can influence in your flow. So if you want to get more comfortable on beats try rapping faster or slower on the same beat. Also try changing up where you take your breaks and how long you hold syllables. Another speed factor is the speed of the beat itself. Try new beats and see how you can flow differently over them.

Heres some examples of changing your flow over a constant some cadences.

When you have mastered some different types of flow that way, another way you can influence your flow is through your writing. Are you writing bars with tons of syllables? Or just a few? Do you stack your bars with multis and internals or just single syllable rhymes? All of these influence how your flow comes across and how you ride a beat. One thing that helps some people is actually writing outside your flows comfort zone. By that I mean, writing something you cant immediately figure out how to flow onto a beat. By trying to write something with a slightly different flow than youre comfortable with, youre forced to adapt your cadences to try and accommodate the written flow. This can certainly come across as a forced and broken flow, but practicing outside your comfort zone can also help you develop talent and find new ways to flow over instrumentals.

These are relatively natural approaches, if you need a more technical approach, there are also flow diagrams, which Ill cover in another video as they are a subject on their own.

If you have any questions or need anything else, let me know.
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