Rap Practice

Learn how to avoid the 7 most common mistakes made by rappers to completely reinvent your ability to rhyme: we’re going to describe three easy to practice secrets used by top to never run out of things to say and always keep the crowd engaged.

Many people when they begin to want to learn how to rap, they believe they have to “reinvent the wheel” or measure up to rap classics on EVERY SINGLE BAR. Not true. Going off the top is a much more social and adventurous side of becoming a full MC, and should be treated with a “fun and entertaining” mindset. Not only to help the fans get more into your off the top flows… but to make it easier on you to come with ish to say!

Remember, the major keys #KhaledVoice discussed in the video are:

1. Stay to fun, entertaining topics that everybody can enjoy. You don’t need to go super heavy when you’re just starting out.

2. Think of 2-3 “fallback topics” that you can always come back to when your mind goes blank. Fallback topics are often things that are unique to you or your homies that will always get a reaction.

3. Practice the art of stringing together small stories in your to keep the off the top relevant and engaging to the crowd.

Be sure to and below with your fallback topics and ideas for the next video! Hopefully this helps and one love! – Drew.