Rap Practice

Rap Drill 2:13 What should do you: rap, or write rap verses?
This video explain the benefits of raps, writing raps, and gives you a
2:13 rap drill to practice both rap skills simultaneously.

Here’s the question that inspired this video…
Q: Yo what up man! Do you ever feel, like sometimes you should more than write? Then you have those moments where u feel you need to write more then for the question. There will be a video response but for now let me just say, yes!

I get the urge to write and I love both. Improvising has been described as kissing the joy as it flys. Well, is a like a great make out session; writing is the relationship.
The only way to make joy happy is to give her both; the playful passion, and the committed relationship.

In the video, I’ll speak more plain 🙂 and give you some ideas on how to satisfy both urges. for again the.