Rap Practice

Learn how to avoid the 7 most common mistakes made by rappers to completely reinvent your ability to rhyme: tutorial is going to explain in three simple steps how Eminem uses easy-to-follow techniques to engage the audience when “going off the top”. If you’re curious about how to rap like Eminem, this is the video for you. We’ll break down how he uses a few hidden secrets of the best to create stories on the fly, tell unique ideas in his rhymes, and how to be entertaining. Remember as you watch, the three steps are: 1) Fun and Entertaining Topics 2) Use “Fallback Topics” 3) String Stories Together (rather than try to stack every rhyme all the time). Be sure to and below with what insights you gained from this video and for watching! If you’re interested in receiving coaching for your rap music, join our online class by visiting this me on social howtorapdrew.