Rap Practice

Requested Natasha Majasi
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(*Famous Kyeongsangdo line for using four of the same Korean characters “ga ga ga ga” all said with different intonations to mean “Is that the guy?”)

1. “Satoori” means “dialect” or “accent.” The two widely known satooris in Korea are the Kyeongsang and Jeolla dialects. These two provinces are known to be rivals.

2. There are many hidden meanings and connotations that just can’t be translated simply into English! Please take note as you read these Code:
Rap Monster – Orange
J-Hope – Pink
Suga – Green
Tracklist (Only songs I have subbed):
2. N.O: We On: If I Ruled The World: Coffee: The Rise of Bangtan( ): Satoori Rap (): Now Playing
10. Outro: Luv In Skool: BTS (Bangtan Boys/)
Song: Satoori Rap ()
Album: O! R U L8 & Color Coding: bts-trans
Romanization: thelapan
Translation: pop!gasa & Kimoi21200