Learn to Rap

Who loves singing the alphabet??? Who wants to learn to rap the alphabet is a wild, animated with BASHO??!!??

Fresh beats and catchy hooks make it easy to learn languages. Visit to find out more about the BASHO & FRIENDS mission, watch all the videos, and learn Spanish, Mandarin, French, or English!

Were uploading a new video for learning Spanish every Saturday! To make sure youre notified of our latest videos, here: check out the BASHO & FRIENDS Spanish Playlist featuring dozens of catchy videos and songs for learning Spanish. is for Apple
B is for Bear
C is a Candle and also a Chair
D is for dog
E is for Eggs
F is a frog that has green legs
G, Gorilla
H, Ham
I, Iguana
J, Jam
K is for King
L he’s a Lion
M is a Mouse, hey look he’s a a Needle
O, the Ocean
P is a Pig with a magic Potion
Q, a Queen
R, a Rat
S is a Snake
T, Take That
U, Umbrella
V, Violin
W is the Water, LET’S ALL JUMP IN!
X is a xylophone
Y is a Yak
Z is a Zebra

which brings us back to . . .


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Happy Holidays! Check out “Spanish Christmas with Tayo the Little Bus and BASHO & FRIENDS – Merry Christmas! – Feliz Navidad!”.