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9 Rap Song Ideas Using Eminem video is for the beginners section but some of your intermediate rappers still learn a thing or two by checking this out.
in a hip hop song is also referred to as subject matter or rap song ideas.

Subject matter is massively important. If you dont want to be a bland rapper… you need some form of subject matter or rap song ideas to help you stand out.

Something to talk about that is actually intriguing and keeps the listener engaged.

When you combine the right subject matter with the right melodies, delivery, flow and you have a great song on your hands.

I am starting with this one for rap song ideas because this type of is going to actually spark something in the listeners mind that makes them want to listen more and state their opinion on the topic.

Controversial things have always helped artist builds their careers over the years.

Whether artists are dissing each other or talking shit about a celebrity or something in the media, it is controversial and intriguing to listeners.

Eminem built his entire music career primarily upon controversial that stirred up peoples emotions and made them talk about him more and more.

If you can come up with a rap song idea that will get people protesting against you…. youre probably pretty well known.

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