Learn to Rap

A brief history of rap on the bass guitar.

Kendrick Lamar on guitar: to Fluff (Ryan Bruce) for reamping the bass and having a fantastic to Fluff: purple picks I use were given to me by Purple video was made possible because of generous contributions from Liam Curson, Michael Christie, Rob Harper & many other awesome people on my patreon you so much!

keep in Channel: the songs:

1. The Motto

2. Deep Cover aka 187
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg

3. Colt 45

4. Nuthin But A G Thang
Dr. Dre

5. Ice Ice baby
Vanilla Ice

6. Insane in the Hill

7. Woo-Hah! Got You All in Check
Busta Rhymes

8. Jump
Kris Kross

9. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Ol’ Dirty Bastard

10. Move Bitch (Get Out the Way)

11. In Da Club
50 Cent

12. The Fat Boys
Fat Boys

13. I Wish

14. So Fresh, So Clean

15. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
The Beastie Boys

16. Walk This Way
Run DMC ft. Aerosmith

17. Rapper’s Delight
The Sugar Hill Gang

18. Lookin’ Boy
Hotstylz ft. Yung Joc

19. My Name Is

20. Gangsta’s Paradise

21. Amish Paradise
“Weird” Al Yankovic.